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We Love Kids

We love their innocence, admiration and natural joy. A child is excited about things we’ve already gotten used to. (What a shame!)His curiosity turns him into a natural scientist who examines his surroundings and learns from them constantly.In fact, a two-year-old child who can understand and respond to his parents, has already progressed further since his birth than a PhD student has progressed since the time he entered college!


At the age of 2 to 7, the speed of a child’s perception is 7 times that of an adult! And even later, his perception is still faster then ours.Concepts that are learned through childhood, accompany a person all his life.Why not to take advantage of this miraculous conception, and use it to enrich them with the values of our eternal heritage?

Our Goals are:

    To enhance Jewish pride and understanding of its values

   to strengthen Jewish identity and the love to our roots

    To provide quality educational material for Jewish children, teachers and Jewish schools

    To fill the leisure hours of Jewish children

    To instill in the child a love to our tradition, that would accompany him all his life

How did we start?

Wondering where we get so many high-quality, original activities to share on this site?

The answer is our founder: Chani Saposh. Chani has been the editor of the monthly Hebrew children’s publication Itonli for over twenty years.

She is a top-level graphic artist, as well as a multi-published author who has a wide range of reading and school books to her credit. Her publications have been incorporated into classrooms throughout Israel. She has also partnered with others in the development and design of many children’s games.

The work sheets are excelent because of the wonderful cooperation of our professional team:

“Educate the youngster

according to his way,

then, even when he grows old,

he shall not depart from it.”

King Solomon


(Mishley) 22:6

Tammy Silver has been a pre-school teacher for more then two decades. Due to her extensive academic education, accumulated experience and deep insight, she has earned the position of a pedagogical instructor at the Israeli Board of Education. Tammy guides kindergarten teachers in their work and enriches them through her broad understanding of early childhood development.

Leah Sonnenfeld has years of teaching experience in the first and second grades. She wrote a number of popular children’s books in Hebrew, and was in the textbook consulting team of educational meterials for the Board of education in Israel.

Her family immigrated to Israel and settled in Hebron in 1600, and since then they have not left Israel!

Leah lives in Jerusalem and involved in community life.


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